Sunday, September 19, 2010

Final Stages of Editing & Amateur Lessons

I met with my advisor-professor, Dr. Durington, so he could watch the rough cut of my Racial Dynamics Project (which needs a new name--an appropriate video title) and great headway was made. Prior to editing I believe the rough cut was around 38 minutes. It is now down to 26 minutes and I still have a day's worth of work before we can evaluate it again. A large cut was made from an entire section I had reserved for opinions on "Affirmative Action." This had gradually stemmed from conversations with my roommate that I felt would be interesting to add in what would become an immense digression from the initial starting point--the context of Allen Zaruba's firing. (Perhaps with the release of the film I will reveal my interview questions so all who are interested will be able to see how this occured.) Dr. D paused the film a few seconds into the affirmative action section and made note of the digression. At this moment I realized that I had a lack of structure and organized methodology surrounding this project that most likely weakened the larger potential and orientation of the film. Luckily I am currently taking a methods class that should better help me organize future films. Although I will never know how much stronger my film could have been if I had more structure, it is in no way problematic, rather more of a learned lesson for an amateur ethnographer.

In this prescreening session we also identified that I could begin to add the glitter and the glam. A voiceover, screenshots from The Towerlight, and music will all be added in the next few weeks. Not much to talk about there until I draft a voiceover, find the right pictures and newspaper clippings, and the right music.

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