Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Audio Elicitation

My idea of audio elicitation, supervised by ethnographic filming, serves the purpose of exploring the various, unique ways subjects interact with music and what the listening experience entails. Unknowingly, I initially performed this method in my first ethnographic film on DJ culture (many of these clips that show audio elicitation were not included in the final version). I asked Sam to explain album covers that he had taped to his wall and I got a brief history of the artist, when he purchased the cd, when he started listening to a particular artist, his thoughts of how they influenced rap music, and so on and so forth. Rather than simply asking one's subject what music they listen to, how they listen to music, when they listen to music, and why they do so, audio elicitation allows the subject to perform his/her listening experience. While the presence of the videocamera is not necessary, I believe that film is the best way to capture every experience that may not be witnessed by human observations. And yes, I do believe with the right camera angles and over a certain amount of time, EVERY experience in this particular situation can be captured by videocamera. It is difficult to explain this idea in a written format since I haven't done too much work expanding the idea and how I might format this method. Look out for a video on audio elicitation soon! ....real soon

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