Saturday, May 1, 2010

Arizona's controversial legislation

In the past week, Arizona has passed legislation allowing officials to ask to see legal papers from suspected illegal immigrants. Also, a new proposal that may potentially come into law would ban ethnic studies from being taught at public schools. Racial profiling and assimilation anyone? For the most part, I am against laws that shelter illegal immigrants, businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and in general illegal immigrants being in the country. Yes, there are companies and people that exploit illegal immigrants in methods of unhealthy conditions, cruel work hours, low wage, and abuse. While I am strongly opposed to exploitation and abusive practices, I am equally opposed to immigrants who do not a visa or green card. I understand that the allure of the United States is so attractive compared to political unrest and economic disasters in developing countries across the globe. However, illegal immigrants pose one main problem for me...they are ILLEGALLY here. The very basis of being in a country without going through the process of the legal system is a problem. Unfortunately, I do not have an alternate proposal on how to assist immigrants in obtaining a legal status that is easier and less discriminatory than the immigration laws in place now. I may be against illegal immigration, but I am 100% against racial profiling and forced assimilation. More on the story here.

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